Non-GMO/GE USDA Process Verified Program

May 9, 2017
Natural Products, Inc. (NPI) of Grinnell, Iowa announced that it has received U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP) verification for Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)/Non-Genetically Engineered (GE) products.

In compliance with the AMS Quality Assessment Division policies and procedures, the USDA has granted approval for NPI’s Grinnell facility to produce PVP verified Non-GE/GMO food-grade soy ingredients. NPI’s products will be manufactured with the full auditing and verification of the USDA.

NPI processes non-GMO soybeans at its Grinnell, Iowa plant, and has implemented the required quality management processes for food safety and transparency. NPI was granted approval for an initial six-month period, and will apply for a verification extension at the end of the period. The USDA program verification makes it possible for NPI to begin labeling its soy ingredients with the USDA Process Verified shield.

“Since day one, NPI has been committed to providing non-GMO ingredients all around the world,” said Paul Lang, General Manager of NPI. “It’s gratifying for our non-GMO program to receive the PVP Verification from the USDA. Our customers will be able to see the USDA Process Verified shield on our product packaging and have confidence that the product is made from high quality non-GMO soybeans, grown right here in the Midwest.”

About Natural Products, Inc.
Natural Products, Inc. (NPI) is a leading manufacturer of non-GMO and organic food ingredients made from soybeans and chickpeas, supplying a complete line of enzyme active (raw) and roasted full fat soy ingredients for the industrial snack, bakery, soyfoods, soymilk, and natural foods markets. NPI also manufactures a line of blended egg replacers.

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