Cost Savings with Soy Ingredients

Minimally processed soy protein is one of the cheapest proteins available to the food industry. Because processing costs are kept to a minimum, inexpensive whole soy ingredients play an important role for food manufacturers in keeping raw materials costs low and stable, while at the same time maintaining excellent product quality.

Whole soy ingredients function similarly to more highly processed soy proteins, dairy proteins, and egg proteins—but are much more cost-effective per kg and per use, and are generally much more price stable. The savings potential on a reformulation project can save industrial food manufactures tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Food manufacturers who wish to maximize their cost saving projects should consider our proprietary line of blended ingredients made with whole soy. By incorporating other minor ingredients, new functional ingredients can be created that perform even better and save more money.

NPI offers two such blended food ingredients. The first, BLUE100 Whole Egg Replacer, can replace 50% to 100% of the eggs in a wide variety of industrial sweet baked products. Utilizing wheat gluten and sodium alginate to enhance the functionality of full fat soy, BLUE100 duplicates the properties of whole liquid or powdered eggs in providing emulsification, mouth-feel and structure in everything from cookies to breads to cakes. Made with all vegetable-sourced ingredients, BLUE100 also contains no cholesterol, is shelf stable, and is readily available year-round.

Such blended food systems require a commitment by the manufacturer and a partnership with the supplier to reformulate, but the payoff in savings can be great.

The following chart illustrates many of the cost-savings opportunities of both our whole soy ingredients and blended ingredients:

Functionality Ingredients How It Works Benefits
Whole Egg or Egg Yolk Replacement BLUE100


Takes advantage of lecithin in the soybean oil to provide emulsification. Blended ingredient offers potential for 100% replacement

Significant money savings

Pricing stability

Vegan friendly

Lecithin Replacement ROSY100 Roasted full fat soy flour contains over 24% oil, of which 3% is lecithin Formulate lecithin off the label by including it with full fat soy flour
Peanut Extension/ Replacement ROSY12



Roasting soybeans gives a nice ‘nutty’ flavor

Dry roasting gives soy grits a nice crunch

Remove peanuts from label

Less expensive than peanuts

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