LOSO100 Low Fat Soy Flour

Low fat soy flour can be used in many bakery products and soyfoods to increase protein, add water, and extend shelf life. LOSO100 can be used at very high inclusion rates to produce heart-healthy breads and other baked products.


  • Breads, flat breads
  • Sweet baked goods
  • Low carb baked products
  • Muffins, bars, cookies
  • Tortillas


  • 10% – 20% (wheat flour basis) in baked goods
  • Replace 25 – 50% of concentrates or isolates in high protein products such as bars or pasta
  • Additional water is recommended as required by dough


  • Cost Savings
  • Very water absorbent–up to three times its weight
  • Very inexpensive source of protein
  • Less expensive than costly soy concentrates or isolates
  • Use in conjunction with other soy protein products to develop high protein pasta, bread, bars, tortillas, and flat breads


  • All natural product; no chemicals used in processing
  • Very high in protein (48%)
  • Very low in fat (8%)
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Minimal processing retains high levels of isoflavones
  • Selection of identity-preserved varieties can alter nutritional characteristics such as protein levels

Please click here to download the specification sheet for LOSO100.

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