EASY16 Enzyme Active Full Fat Soy Meal

Enzyme active full fat soy meal is a replacement technology for traditional “whole soybean” tofu and soymilk manufacturing, offering industrial manufacturers a shorter soaking time and reduced okara. Made with all non-GMO soybeans, EASY16 is available in either conventional non-GMO or certified organic.


  • Tofu
  • Soymilk
  • Ethnic foods


  • Reduces soaking time in tofu production. The traditional method of using whole soybeans requires many hours of soaking before the soybeans can be further processed. EASY16 reduces the soaking time to 5-30 minutes.
  • Reduces the amount of fiber in soymilk and tofu production. The hulls are mechanically removed by dry milling and air aspiration, resulting in less of the isoluble portion (okara) to deal with in the waste flow.
  • There is a cost benefit—less weight means less freight (7% to 9% of a soybean’s weight is from the hull).
  • Higher yield per pound of product. As a result of removing the hulls, almost all of the finished product can be utilized in the processing of tofu or soymilk. More yield of tofu or soymilk per kg. of soybeans used is realized.

Please click here to download the specification sheet for EASY16.

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