Egg Replacers: Functionality and Basic Usage

Through their proprietary blend of vegetable-based ingredients, NPI’s blended egg replacers provide the following functionality in sweet baked goods:
•    Emulsification
•    Water binding
•    Structure building

Benefits include:
•    Lower cost (often less than half the price of egg products)
•    Stable pricing
•    Animal protein free
•    Vegan
•    Long shelf life
•    Ease of handling vs. liquid eggs

Note: NPI egg replacers do not provide the following functionality:
•    Adhesion
•    Sheen (egg wash)
•    Instant (scrambled)
•    Gelation/coagulation
•    Egg flavor
•    Egg color
•    Whipping/Foaming
•    Aeration
•    Crystallization control

Basic Usage

NPI’s Egg replacers work best in applications where
•    Powdered eggs comprise 0.5%-2.5% of the total formula
•    Liquid eggs 2.0%-10.0% of the formula
•    The functionality of the eggs is primarily emulsification and structure building

In products where eggs are included at a higher ratio, it will be difficult to achieve a significant (>25%) percentage of replacement. Following are applications where the egg replacers are not likely to offer a benefit:
•    Instant egg dishes
•    Sponge cakes
•    Traditional pound cakes (25% liquid egg)
•    Angel food cakes
•    Meringue
•    Chiffon (where whites and yolks are separated and the whites are whipped)

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