Ordering Samples

To request samples, please call 641-236-0852, or send us an email. Please refer to the following product codes in your message:

  • CP100-S Steamed Chickpea Flour
  • BLUE100 Whole Egg Replacer
  • BLUE155-A Emulsifier Blend
  • EASY16 Enzyme Active Full Fat Soy Meal
  • EASY100 Enzyme Active Full Fat Soy Flour
  • ROSY12 Roasted Full Fat Soy Grits
  • ROSY16 Roasted Full Fat Soy Meal
  • ROSY100 Roasted Full Fat Soy Flour
  • LOSO16 Low Fat Soy Meal
  • LOSO100 Low Fat Soy Flour
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