IVORY200 Vegan Dairy Replacer will save you money over the long term. Here’s what NFDM pricing has done over the last five years (this data is from the University of Wisconsin: http://future.aae.wisc.edu):

Scenario 1: a medium-size wholesale manufacturer of breads and rolls, using 10,000 lbs. per month of nonfat dry milk from 2007 to 2009. This medium-sized customer using only 10,000 lbs of NFDM per month could have saved over $600,000, had they been buying truckload quantities of this ingredients instead of NFDM. That’s over a half million dollars. In three years. For a medium size manufacturer, that’s pretty significant.

Scenario 2: a large wholesale manufacturer of breads and rolls using one truckload of NFDM per month (42,000 lbs) from 2007 to 2009. Three year savings for this customer would have been $2.5 million. On ONE ingredient.

Any manufacturer, large or small, would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over that period of time with IVORY200. We can’t guarantee that every three year period will have a spike like the one in '07-'08, but we CAN guarantee that you will benefit from our consistent pricing, consistent quality, consistent functionality, and consistent savings. Month after month after year after year.

That’s what Scotsman's Mill is about. Innovative blended ingredients that work and save you money. We have several formulas to send you, and as always, if you want us to bake something for you, we’ll be happy to do it. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll bake some side-by-side examples. We can assist you in your lab, and even come help with scale-up, when that time comes.

IVORY200 is kosher parve, halal certified, and free of dairy products.

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NPI has a full-time bakery technologist and complete bakery lab, ready to assist all customers with formulation projects! Call us at 1-641-236-0852 to discuss your project!

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