Scotsman’s Mill Functionality and Basic Usage

Through their proprietary blend of vegetable-based ingredients, Scotsman’s Mill egg replacers provide the following functionality in sweet baked goods:
•    Emulsification
•    Water binding
•    Structure building

Benefits include:
•    Lower cost (often less than half the price of egg products)
•    Stable pricing
•    Animal protein free
•    Vegan
•    Long shelf life
•    Ease of handling vs. liquid eggs

Note: Scotsman’s Mill egg replacers do not provide the following functionality:
•    Adhesion
•    Sheen (egg wash)
•    Instant (scrambled)
•    Gelation/coagulation
•    Egg flavor
•    Egg color
•    Whipping/Foaming
•    Aeration
•    Crystallization control

Basic Usage

Scotsman’s Mill Egg replacers work best in applications where
•    Powdered eggs comprise 0.5%-2.5% of the total formula
•    Liquid eggs 2.0%-10.0% of the formula
•    The functionality of the eggs is primarily emulsification and structure building

In products where eggs are included at a higher ratio, it will be difficult to achieve a significant (>25%) percentage of replacement. Following are applications where Scotsman’s Mill egg replacers are not likely to offer a benefit:
•    Instant egg dishes
•    Sponge cakes
•    Traditional pound cakes (25% liquid egg)
•    Angel food cakes
•    Meringue
•    Chiffon (where whites and yolks are separated and the whites are whipped)

Please read more about Scotsman’s Mill Ingredients, and learn what we can do to help you reduce your dependence on eggs.

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