BLUE155-A Emulsifier Blend

BLUE155-A EMULSIFIER BLEND is a soy-based emulsifier system that helps reduce your eggs by half in a variety of sweet baked products.

In addition to a lowering and stabilizing costs, BLUE155-A improves the eating qualities of your baked products by reducing the “eggy” flavors in high egg baked goods, and by improving softness.


BLUE155-A was formulated to work as a 50% replacement of eggs in a variety of sweet baked products (batters and doughs), ranging from cookies to muffins to cakes. Usage is straightforward.

The most obvious benefit to using BLUE155-A in industrial applications is related to lowering ingredient costs. However, there are additional benefits:

  • Improved freshness and mouthfeel, due to additional water typically added to the formulation
  • Kosher Parve
  • 100% vegetable ingredients
  • Made with all non-GMO ingredients
  • Shelf life of one year under ambient storage
  • No issues of seasonal availability and pricing fluctuations
  • Excellent pricing structure without the need for contracts

Please click here to download the specification sheet for BLUE155-A.

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